Is Lincoln Wedding DJS located in Lincoln Nebraska?

Yes and No. Our main office is in Omaha and services are provided through Supafly Promotions.

Does Lincoln Wedding Djs use a contract/agreement? If not, why?


We use a contract/agreeement for all of our events to confirm everything in writing, such as pricing and event details.


Is Lincoln Wedding Djs insured?

Yes, if your venue requires proof of liability insurance for our services before we are to perform at your event, please let us know. We will be happy to provide that documentation


How do I hire a dj, Lincoln Wedding Djs, for my event?

Contact US! We have multiple booking options . Our preferred option is to meet with you in person, briefly discuss or event and needs and book at that time. We can also arrange bookings via mail or email. Payments can be made via mail or online, via credit card. Please discuss your preference with your representative.


Do you call us over and over, after the initial contact to find out if we are going to book your service?

No, we do not chase or hound potential customers for our service. We have put an excellent product out there and hope, after checking our website or speaking with one of us, you
choose to do business with us. We will follow-up with you once or twice to see how you are doing in the booking process and see if your still interested. We will NEVER pressure you into making any decisions.

Do you hold dates when I call and am interested in possibly booking but not really sure?

Unfortunately not. We book on a first come, first serve basis. Agreement must be signed and deposit collected to book a dj.
We do not want to rush, you, the client, but we tell everyone shopping around, do your research early so you can book your dj well in advance. Don't be the one rushing to hire a dj at the last minute.

Who will be the DJ at my event?

A Lincoln Wedding Dj will DJ at your event. You will know when you sign the agreement who will be the dj for your event. No surprises. We do not outsource events to other DJs, so someone on our staff is guaranteed to be there. If an emergency should arise, we will advise you of an experienced replacement, and make sure you, the customer, are comfortable with the fill in.

Do you have backup DJs?

We do have qualified DJs that will be able to perform at your event in the rare event of an emergency.

When do you setup?

We set up early enough to cope with unforeseen circumstances and to make sure everything is in place before your guests arrive.

Do you dress nicely? What do you wear?

Yes. We dress well, in style, and appropriately for each event (the more formal the event the more formal the outfit). What we wear is stylish, similar to what your guests would wear. If you have specific dress requirements, we will be happy to accommodate. No additional fee will be necessary.

Can you provide music for my wedding ceremony?

Absolutely! We provide music for the processionals, recessionals, and if necessary, we even provide music during the ceremony from our extensive selection of classical and contemporary music. Sometimes it is difficult to hear the Justice of the Peace or clergy performing the service or the other ceremony participants. In this case, a wireless microphone may be placed where necessary to help all attendees hear what is happening.


If we want some music that you do not have, do we have to pay extra for you to get it?

Absolutely NOT! We have an assortment of songs and libraries of music. In the event we do not have something you want (upon initial consultation), we will make every effort to obtain that music, at NO additional cost to you!


How large is Lincoln Wedding Djs' music collection?

We have over 30,000+ songs in our music libraries. In order to stay up to date on the latest and greatest, we update our music library regularly.

Do you offer Karaoke?

We do not offer Karaoke at this time. We do not consider it to be in line with the style of our offering. If you want karaoke, then unfortunately Lincoln Wedding Djs cannot help you. If, on the other hand, you would like to use our microphone to sing a special song then all you have to do is to ask us!


What kind of payments do you take for your services and how can they be made?

For all customers, we accept checks (no third party checks please), money orders, cashier checks, PayPal and all major credit cards. For the convenience of our out of town and in town clients, payments can be made via credit card or PayPal. *Payments for all services should be made prior to or the day of your event, before it starts. Lincoln Wedding Djs reserves the right to not perform if balance has not been paid by the date of the event. (any additional questions regarding this, please speak to your booking representative)


Does Lincoln Wedding Djs travel to other cities outside the Lincoln area?


Yes. We love going to small towns and giving them a big town entertainment. For events outside Lincoln area (60 mile radius), we are available for a *travel fee. (speak to your Dj representative for details) (travel fee normally includes gas only, based on mileage)


What is the contact phone number for Lincoln Wedding Djs Service?


Local - 402-203-2856


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