Supafly Promotions DBA (Doing Business AS) Lincoln Wedding DJS - Service Terms

1. Supafly Promotions Dj Service agrees to provide client with the contracted hours of service agreed upon on written agreement. Any additional time incurred will have an additional fee per hour. Supafly Promotions Djs will arrive in advance of your start time to set up. The set up time will not interfere with your contracted time period.

2. CANCELLATION POLICY Supafly Promotions will retain any deposit amount in the event the client cancels. In the event of a cancellation, the deposit will be put on account for client for any future event client plans within 6 months.

3. Client agrees to pay a deposit to reserves services. Minimum amount is $125 for Weddings and $100 for all other party events. Deposit may not exceed more than half of the entertainment agreement amount. Client also agrees to pay remaining balance before or on the date of event. Should the client fail to do so, this contract/agreement is no longer binding. If clients? payment is rejected in any way, he/she agrees to pay attorneys? fees, late fee, plus 10% per month interest on the final balance due and all other costs and expenses associated for the recovery of that amount. PAYMENT CAN BE PAID BY CASH, CHECK, OR CREDIT CARD. *Payments for all services should be made prior to or the day of your event. If made the same day of event, any payments MUST be made prior to the start of the event. Lincoln Wedding Djs reserves the right to NOT perform if balance has not been paid by the date of the event. (Any additional questions regarding this, please speak to your booking representative) *we do not allow payments for services to be held to the end of the event

Client will receive a billing invoice at least two weeks prior to the event via email, mail or both.


*If event is two weeks within booking date, we ask that balance be paid in full prior to booking.

4. Client has complete control over how events are coordinated, music that is played, which activities are to be performed, and volume level during event.

5. Supafly Promotions agrees to provide customers with sound system, music, lighting, table skirting, wireless microphone, and a clean-cut DJ with appropriate attire for every performance.

6. Supafly Promotions liability shall not exceed the set fee of this contract.

7. Client agrees prior to arrival of Supafly Promotions, the client will have secured the facilities for the occasion, as well as any licenses, authorizations, permits, or stamps that are necessary to allow Supafly Promotions to execute its terms of this agreement.

8. This contract does not become a binding contract and dates cannot be held, unless a copy is signed by both parties and a deposit is collected.

9. Dates are filled on a first come first serve basis.

10. Supafly Promotions DBA Lincoln Wedding Djs may charge a travel fee for events outside our service area. (60 mile radius from downtown Lincoln, NE)

11. Supafly Promotions must be allowed to set up at least one hour prior to any of client's guest arrival.

12. Supafly Promotions is not responsible for inclement weather, power outages or power failure.

13. Client is responsible for providing Supafly Promotions shelter, power source, and a dry foundation, for any outdoor event. Shelter must be adequate to protect DJ and equipment from heat, heavy winds, or inclement weather. In the event of weather change, and these conditions cannot be met, Supafly Promotions has the right to stop services for safety issues and protection of equipment. In the event this happens, there will be no refund.

14. Supafly Promotions will not guarantee that the clients selected music will be available if it is not received from client at least (1) week prior to the occasion. Client also agrees that they will provide all planning documentation (itineraries, music requests, etc) at least 2 weeks prior to event date to ensure Dj is properly prepared for event. In the event these documents are not provided, Dj will perform event to the best of his or her abilities.

15. Client agrees to pay a $25.00 returned check fee and any other fees as a result of returned check.

16. Client, in consideration of these services, agrees to provide Supafly Promotions, the required deposit with the return of this agreement, and the balance owed, to be paid on or before the event. (Any exceptions to this may be made by James G. Allen, President, Supafly Promotions). Fees for additional hours are to be paid (to the dj) prior to the start of each hour on the date of the event. There are no exceptions.

17. Supafly Promotions agrees that any of its owners or employees, are permitted by the terms of this agreement, to collect the remaining balance owed to Supafly Promotions to execute the terms of this agreement.


18. Event Photography - Client understand and agrees that Supafly Promotions may provide its own event photography and/or videography for events. Supafly Promotions uses these photos for online and/or print promotional uses. This photography and videography follows applicable privacy rights.


19. Electronic Signatures


Consumer Disclosure Regarding Conducting business electronically, Receiving Electronic Notices and Disclosures, and Signing Documents Electronically

Please read the following information, by proceeding forward and signing this document you are agreeing that you have reviewed the following consumer disclosure information and consent to transact business using electronic communications, to receive notices and disclosures electronically, and to utilize electronic signatures in lieu of using paper documents. This electronic signature service is provided on behalf of clients, "sending party,"whom are sending electronic documents, notices, disclosures or requesting electronic signatures to you.

You are not required to receive notices and disclosures or sign documents electronically. If you prefer not to do so, you may request to receive paper copies and withdraw your consent at any time as described below.

Paper Copies

You are not required to receive notices or disclosures or sign documents electronically and may request paper copies of documents or disclosures if you prefer to do so. You also have the ability to download and print any open or signed documents sent to you through the EchoSign electronic signature system using the PDF and Print icons. EchoSign may also email you a PDF copy of all agreement you sign using the EchoSign service. If you wish to receive paper copies in lieu of electronic documents you may close this web browser and request paper copies from the "sending party" by following the procedures outlined below. The "sending party" may apply a charge for requesting paper copies.

Use of the Service requires a standards-compliant web-browser which supports the HTTPS protocol, HTML, and cookies. Viewing PDF documents requiring additional software such as Adobe Reader or similar.

Withdrawal of Consent

You may withdraw your consent to receive electronic documents, notices or disclosures at any time. In order to withdraw consent you must notify the "sending party" that you wish to withdraw consent and to provide your future documents, notices, and disclosures in paper format. After withdrawing consent if at any point in the future you proceed forward and utilize the electronic signature system you are once again consenting to receive notices, disclosure, or documents electronically. You may withdraw consent to receive electronic notices and disclosures and optionally electronically signatures by following the procedures described below.

Scope of Consent

You agree to receive electronic notices, disclosures, and electronic signature documents with all related and identified documents and disclosures provided over the course of your relationship with the "sending party". You may at any point withdraw you consent by following the procedures described below.

Requesting paper copies, withdrawing consent, and updating contact information

You have the ability to download and print any documents we send to you through the electronic signature system. To request paper copies of documents, withdraw consent to conduct business electronically and receive documents, notices, or disclosures electronically or sign documents electronically please contact the "sending party" by telephone, postal mail, or by sending an email to the "sending party" with the following subjects:

Requesting Paper Copies

Please provide your name, email, telephone number, postal address and document title.

Withdraw Consent

Please provide your name, email, date, telephone number, postal address.

Update Contact Information

Please provide your name, email, telephone number and postal address.

Any fees associated with requesting paper copies or withdrawing consent will be determined by the requesting party.

This service agreement applies to any and all events that Supafly Promotions dba Lincoln Wedding Djs is contracted for. Contract becomes null and void if the agreement is not signed by both parties and accepted by Supafly Promotions dba Lincoln Wedding Djs. Supafly Promotions dba Lincoln Wedding Djs agrees to provide a copy of the signed agreement at client's request. Supafly Promotions dba Lincoln Wedding Djs reserves the right to refuse service of any event not reserved in writing through this agreement.



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